The Death Sentence

Whats happening?

A shocking story to reach the headlines tells of a student who was raped and murdered on a bus in the Capital of India, Delhi last year. The victim was beaten and gang raped on the bus and subsequently died as a result of her injuries 13 days later. The story led to a spurge of violent protests across India by those who demanded for new laws against rape. It raised once again, the issue of the treatment of women in Indian society especially in regards to sexual abuse and reminded the world of the fact that even today, women still feel unsafe in Indian society.

 India’s legal system allows for execution in the ‘rarest of the rare cases’ however what actually constitutes these cases is still debated. Nevertheless, four of the men involved were sentenced to death.


In my opinion…

The death penalty is still a matter of controversy and ones opinion on this issue can be closely affiliated with political ideology and religious beliefs.

 In my opinion the case obviously raises very serious issues by women’s groups, all of which I totally support. However, the outcome of this case leads us back once again to the issue of sentencing to death which I also feel very strongly about. I am of the opinion that the death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights. I don’t believe that anyone has the right to take the life of another – irrespective of what that person has done. I can imagine how comforting it would seem for the family of the victim to know that the people who caused the death of their daughter will suffer the same fate, but ultimately it doesn’t change a thing, it doesn’t bring her back.

 I feel as though the decision to sentence these men to death was heavily influenced by the extent of the public outrage on the facts of the case. Use of the death penalty is almost like a way of calming public anger and portraying the state as being totally against the crime. However sentencing these men to death doesn’t change the fact that a woman is raped in India every 22 minutes.

More can be done to protect women, sentencing these men to death may have calmed the anger felt by those who protested but it doesn’t mean that it will not happen again – we can not be using the death penalty as a quick fix solution.

 In total understanding of how horrific and infuriating this case is, I feel that the most important thing to take away from this case is the fact that the sentence to death of these men will not end the rates of violence and sexual abuse against women in India.

 Has justice really been served and should we still be using the death sentence?

 What do you guys think?

(Please note: this is just my opinion)